Withdraw from a Class

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Student Withdrawal

Students can officially withdraw from classes before 60% of the class has been completed; a Withdraw (W) grade will be posted.

  • If a student withdraws during the refund period, a refund adjustment may be posted to their account. If students receives financial aid, veteran’s funding or agency assistance, it is their responsibility to notify the appropriate office to verify potential repayment of funds.
  • If you are a financial aid recipient or receive funding from other sources, please be advised that changes to your enrollment may affect your current and future eligibility. Please contact the Financial Aid Office or your advisor before making any changes to your enrollment.

After the 60% date of the class, no withdrawals are allowed; students will get the grade earned. Student wishing to appeal the grade earned after the 60% date of class, must provide documentation of extenuating circumstances. Please read the following policies and procedures below.

  • If the class has been completed and a grade has been assigned, including a NS (no show), the withdrawal procedure cannot be used.
  • A withdrawal form must be completed stating the reason for the withdrawal.
  • The instructor is not required to approve the withdrawal. If the instructor denies the request, it is not necessary to proceed further.
  • If approved by the instructor or Dean/ Associate Dean (whenever the instructor is not present), a grade of “W” will then be assigned. There will be no refund after the 60% class completion.

Online Courses Only

  • ​AFTER 60% OF THE CLASS HAS PASSED: Online Students can request withdrawal authorization via email (no form needed) to their instructor. (Please include your student ID#, term and class#)
    • If approved, the instructor will forward the email request to for further processing.
    • The instructor and student will be sent an email confirming that the withdrawal has been processed. For verification purposes, your mailing address will be included in the email.
For more information, contact an Enrollment Specialist at 920-498-5647 or