Process for Petition to Graduate

During your last semester you will receive an email from Enrollment Services that says you have completed or are enrolled in all the necessary classes to complete your degree. When final grades are posted and you have successfully completed all your classes, we will post degree information to your transcript and send your diploma about four weeks later.

Graduation Requirements

You must have completed an application and received an acceptance letter for the program/plan from which you wish to graduate.

  • You must have completed all the classes published in the program's curriculum with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better ("C" average). Additional classes taken outside the program's required classes are not used to calculate the cumulative GPA for the program.
  • You must fulfill all financial obligations to NWTC before you can receive a diploma or transcript.

Graduation GPA

For publicity and commencement purposes, honors will be calculated based on classes in the student's designated program for which grades have already been posted. Usually the graduation GPA includes all classes up to, but not including, the final semester. 

However, accelerated classes that have grades posted before March 31 for May graduation, July 15 for August graduation, or October 15 for December graduation will be included in the graduation GPA calculation. Honors notations are based on the following grade point average: The new honors levels below are effective beginning with the May 2013 Commencement.

3.5 - 3.74 Honors

3.75 - 4.00 Highest Honors

At the end of the final semester, a program GPA will be recalculated and, if applicable, honors notations will be posted along with degree completion information to a successful graduate's official NWTC transcript.

Graduation honors are calculated based off of your program GPA, not your overall college GPA. If you have questions regarding your honor calculation, please connect with Enrollment Services at 920-498-5444.

Graduation Ceremonies

 NWTC holds graduation ceremonies in May and December.

August graduates are welcome to participate in either ceremony upon request.

Questions? Call 888-385-6982 or 920-498-5444 or email