No Risk Enrollment

NWTC No Risk Enrollment

NWTC No Risk Enrollment – Spring 2021 Semester

Yes, college looks a little different right now. But your dreams and goals are still vital. Education is still key to a bright future.

We want you to feel confident in enrolling at NWTC in these atypical times. That's why we're offering no risk enrollment this spring for all students – both new and current. We understand you may be wondering if current course delivery modes (including remote and online learning) will work for you.

With no risk enrollment, you can:

  • Attend the first week of spring classes, January 17-23, without paying any tuition or fees. After that, you may drop the course and owe nothing.
  • Apply for free – a $30 savings. You'll also receive an online student orientation and registration (SOAR) session to prepare you for classes.

Spring 2021 Classes

Hands-on learning is what we do at NWTC. COVID-19 has not changed that. During the 2020-2021 academic year, NWTC will offer in-person, blended, and online learning.

See Spring 2021 info.

How No Risk Enrollment Works

Applying to a Program and Enrolling in Classes

New students only:
  1. Apply before January 17, 2021, and the $30 application fee will be waived.
  2. Attend a virtual SOAR session to:
    1. Register for classes.
    2. Learn about how to complete the FAFSA.
    3. Learn how to develop an academic and financial plan.
    4. Learn how to complete the NWTC scholarship application.
All students:
  1. Register for classes by January 17.
  2. Attend courses the week of January 17-23, 2021, without paying any tuition or fees.
    1. If you're in a program that requires course materials and books, your book/materials fees will be deferred until January 25, 2020.
    2. If you're in program that requires a toolkit, you will be provided with rental tools, or you will be able to order tools after completing the first week.
  3. Payment for tuition, fees, books, and course materials for fall courses will be due January 25, 2021. If you have signed up for a payment plan, you may defer your first payment to the first installment due date (which may be as early as February 15, 2021, depending on the payment plan you've enrolled in).
Dropping Classes
If you choose to drop the course before January 23, 2021:
  • You'll owe nothing to the College.
  • Any payment you've made will be refunded.
Whether you take in-person, blended, or online classes, with no risk enrollment, you'll be able to try it out for a week – without paying tuition or fees!