Early Childhood Infant Toddler Certificate

Program Code: 903073

The Infant Toddler Certificate is designed for family child care providers, infant toddler teachers, child care administrators, directors, Birth to 3 aides/teachers, certified providers and anyone considering entering early childhood care and education of children in the first three years of life. Courses can be taken in any order and concurrently, as long as Infant/Toddler-Capstone (10-307-115) is taken last. Completion of the four courses in this credential, along with preparation of a portfolio, permits the student to apply for and attain the Wisconsin Infant Toddler Professional Credential from The Registry.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Apply principles related to the care and education of children three and under.
• Care for infants and toddlers in group settings.
• Establish partnerships with parents and in the community.
• Provide evidence of additional education beyond the minimum requirements for teachers of children under 3.
• Become a more effective caregiver.
• Become more marketable to prospective child care center employers.
• Have specialized knowledge and understanding of the development, needs and interests of children in the first three years of life.
• Increase your professional qualification - your level on The Registry.

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

• 103071, Early Childhood Education

Industry Credentials

Commission with The Registry for the Wisconsin Infant Toddler Credential

Catalog No. Description
10-307-151 ECE: INFANT & TODDLER DEVELOPMENT...infant and toddler development in an early childhood education setting. Development of infants/toddlers; prenatal conditions and development; child development theories; heredity and the environment; culturally and developmentally appropriate environments.
10-307-169 ECE: INFANT TODDLER GROUP CARE ...elements of quality, philosophical foundation, respect, relationships, culturally sensitive care, diversity in group care, brain development, assessment and planning in a variety of settings for young children.
10-307-195 ECE: FAMILY/COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIPS ...relationships with family/community in early childhood. Diversity and anti-bias perspectives in families and community; family patterns, trends, relationships; communication strategies; relationships with families; advocate for children/families; community resources.
10-307-115 ECE: INFANT/TODDLER CAPSTONE ...encompass and integrate the theory, practice, and reflections related to Courses 1, 2, 3. Supervised demonstration in the learner's own infant/toddler setting. Student portfolio development is required. Student must be in an early childhood setting with infants or toddlers (birth to 35 months) during this course. THIS COURSE MUST BE TAKEN LAST. (Prerequisites: 10-307-151 ECE: Infant & Toddler Dev; 10-307-169 ECE: Infant/Toddler-Group Care; 10-307-195 ECE: Family & Community Rel)
Certificate Total
Curriculum Note
Students must earn a "C" or higher in all 10-307-XXX courses to successfully graduate the Early Childhood: Infant Toddler Certificate. A student must repeat the particular course with a "C" or better final grade to continue in or graduate from this program. If the course is sequential, the successful retake must occur before continuing the sequence.

Industry Credentials

Commission with The Registry for the Wisconsin Infant Toddler Credential