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Early Childhood: Child Care Administration

Program Code: 903071

The Early Childhood: Child Care Administration Certificate prepares participants with administrative and supervision skills needed by early child care administrators: roles and responsibilities, financial management and planning, operations management, external factors affection operation, and best practices for children and families in early childhood programs. Courses can be taken in any order and concurrently, as long as ECE: Child Care-Admin Seminar (10-307-165) is taken last. Completion of all six courses will prepare learners to receive The Wisconsin Child Care Administration Credential from The Registry-Wisconsin’s Recognition System for the Childhood Care and Education Profession.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Establish program policies.
• Prepare a financial plan.
• Examine legal issues.
• Implement a teaching and learning system.
• Utilize the community system to address needs of parents, staff and children.
• Advocate for child care funding.

Industry Credentials

Commission with The Registry for the Wisconsin Administration Credential.


Requirements for Certificate Entry:

• The certificate is designed for administrators of child care programs including program directors and program administrators as identified in State licensing rules.

Catalog No. Description
10-307-204 ECE: CHILD CARE ADMIN AND SUPERVISION...roles and responsibilities of directors, coordinators, supervisors and other administrators in early childhood programs. (Prerequisite: Accepted in Early Childhood Child Care Administration Certificate 903071)
10-307-161 ECE: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ...principles and practices in budget planning and preparation and fiscal management, including hands-on experience with program applications.
10-307-162 ECE: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT ...scheduling, staffing, facilities management, equipment acquisition and maintenance, services delivery, recordkeeping, communication.
10-307-163 ECE: EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ...external factors affecting operation of early care and education programs: community child care needs, marketing, laws and regulations, working with government and community agencies, political and societal issues and trends.
10-307-164 ECE: BEST PRACTICES ...establishing and maintaining quality programs based on professional standards and the best available information on child growth and development.
10-307-165 ECE: ADMINISTRATION SEMINAR ...culminating experience in the credential course sequence. Individual projects are required with a focus on the integration of program aspects in developing strategic planning for change. (Prerequisites: 10-307-204, Supervision/Administration of ECE Programs; 10-307-161, ECE: Financial Management; 10-307-162, ECE: Operations Management; 10-307-163, ECE: External Environments; 10-307-164, ECE: Best Practices)
Certificate Total
Curriculum Note
Students must earn a "C" or higher in all 10-307-XXX courses to successfully graduate the Early Childhood: Child Care Administration Certificate. A student must repeat the particular course with a "C" or better final grade to continue in or graduate from this program. If the course is sequential, the successful retake must occur before continuing the sequence.

Industry Credentials

Commission with The Registry for the Wisconsin Administration Credential.