Drone Technology Certificate

Drone Certificate

Commercial and consumer drone usage is rapidly rising across the country and around the world. Agriculture, construction, and photography are just a few of the industries that are using drones (also called UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles) to meet business needs in a cost-effective way. Hobbyists are also helping drone usage to soar.

Allow your interest in UAVs to take flight with the NWTC Drone certificate. With the certificate’s three courses you’ll learn to:

  • Fly drones safely
  • Abide by local and federal laws and regulations

  • Explore drone technology and application

Whether you are self-employed, part of a small business or large company, or an aspiring amateur drone pilot, you can benefit from the NWTC Drone certificate.

Program Code: 904871

This certificate is a 4-credit certificate designed to develop understanding of drone history, types of aircraft, various applications of drone use, legal matters, safe usage, and practical hands on flight experience.

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Certificate Completers will be able to

  • Fly drones safely.
  • Abide by local and federal laws and regulations.
  • Explore drone technology and applications.
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Curriculum Note: It is recommended students take courses in the order in which they are listed.