K12 Spring Summit

NWTC K-12 Spring Summit

The NWTC/K12 Spring Summit is a sharing event for all High School Instructors that are planning to offer transcripted credit for the following academic year.  NWTC faculty offer curriculum sharing sessions and broader professional development is provided to update high school instructors on curriculum, labor market, assessments, NWTC curriculum products, career pathways, etc.  This is a required event and helps in creating the mentorship between NWTC Faculty and high school teachers.


Beginning in Spring 2021, veteran teachers are required to participate in the Summit on and every other year rotation.We will continue to serve new teachers on an annual basis.
Spring 2021 all Veteran and New teachers teaching General Studies and Public Safety courses will attend a live/virtual Summit event.

Event Dates:
April 16, 2021 General Studies Social & Natural Sciences & Public Safety
April 23, 2021 General Studies Communication Skills & Math

Spring 2021 all other Veterans teaching in the following areas will be in the off year and are encouraged to connect with their NWTC Faculty Mentor and participate in any needed Train the Trainer sessions.

  • College of Business, Information Technology & Art
  • Health, Education, Early Childhood, Culinary
  • Trades & Engineering Technologies, Agriculture

We will need ALL TRANSCRIPTED Teachers (Veteran & New) to respond by March 5, 2021 to the following request. (This will help us identify if it is your on or off year)
Please follow this link and completely answer the questions.  Your answers will properly direct you to next steps and will identify your schools plans for 2021-22 course offerings.