Requirements for Teaching Transcribed Credit

We are excited that you would like to teach Transcribed Credit Courses for NWTC. Courses are delivered at the high school, duplicating NWTC competencies, curriculum, assessments and resources. Students can earn dual credit at the secondary and post-secondary levels, but must earn a “C” or better for the transcripted course to become part of the student’s official college record. High school instructors are trained and mentored by NWTC faculty. Transcripted credit agreements are transferable to other Wisconsin technical colleges and may transfer to four-year universities. 

Requirements to teach transcribed credit course work

Step 1
Create or Update a NWTC ID#/Username.  Click on pdf below and follow instructions.  Special Note: Email addresses for Transcribed Credit Instructors must be the work email only.  Example:  This work email address is sent a security code to activate your NWTC ID/Username Account.  (Unsure if you have an existing NWTC ID#/Username? Email:

Get started teaching Transcribed Credit - Create an NWTC Account

 Step 2
Submit a photo that will be used on an NWTC ID card that is required for all Transcribed Credit Instructors.  Photos should be submitted in jpg format.
Step 3
Complete and submit the following documentation:

Mail or email documents and photo to:
NWTC/K12 Wendy Challis (SC206A)
2740 W Mason St, PO Box 19042,
Green Bay, WI 54307

Step 4

Meet annually with NWTC Faculty - High School Instructors will also be required to meet annually with NWTC Faculty to ensure curriculum​ and course content standards are met.  Below is a list of options that NWTC provides. 

If you run into any difficulties with this process, please email or call 920-491-2600 for assistance.

Additionally, there are other resources and lab criteria that are required for Transcribed Credit.  Please review the Transcribed Credit Policy & Procedures within the Dual Credit Resource Guide for more information.

Step 5
Create and email a class syllabus for your Transcribed Credit class.  A pdf syllabus template is below.  Email a copy of the completed syllabus to the identified  NWTC department before the first day of your class.  (This is standard procedure for all classes taught at NWTC.)  

NWTC College Syllabus Template

General Studies -
College of Business -
Health Sciences -
Trades -