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Prepare for College:

Step 1. Career Exploration:

Choosing a career often begins with self-assessment.
The assessments described below can help you learn more about your interests, personality, skills, and values.
No single test can tell you "what you should be." Successful career planning may require an appointment with a Career Specialist.
Find Your Calling with PathwayU

Learn about your interests, personality, skills, and values, and then examine the best paths to take based on who you are. PathwayU aligns your input with career options and helps you identify NWTC programs that fit your goals.

Take the PathwayU assessment at Career Services or wherever is convenient. We strongly recommend scheduling an appointment to review your results with a career advisor. Questions? Call 920-498-6250.

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O*Net "Skills Search" allows you to explore and identify your skills, with an opportunity to consider careers related to your skills.
Learn How to Become is a great resource to search career paths and to research education options, job details, and salaries.
Bureau of Labor Statistics Kids Page is designed to provide information for K12 students about careers related to class subjects.


Step 2. Dual Credit Courses:

College Level Courses:

Students who are 16 years old are eligible to take any college level course as long as they meet course prerequisites and/or requirements (certain ACT or Accuplacer scores and/or additional prerequisite coursework). 

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Transcribed Credit Courses:

Transcribed Credit Courses are delivered at the high school, duplicating NWTC competencies, curriculum, assessments and resources. Students can earn dual credit at the secondary and post-secondary level, but must earn a "C" or better for the transcript to become part of the student's official college record. High school instructors are trained, certified and mentored by NWTC faculty. Transcribed credit agreements are transferable to other Wisconsin technical colleges and many four-year universities (enrollment eligibility depends on the school districts). 

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DPI Guidelines:
Can my child take courses at a public school while he/she is enrolled in homeschooling? 
The part-time attendance law, s.118.53, Wis. Stats., allows homeschooled students to attend a public school on a part-time basis. A school district is required, space permitting, to allow pupils who are enrolled in a homeschool program to take up to two courses per semester at any 
public school. Students must satisfy the minimum standards for admission to a course offered by the school district. 

To register for courses, please contact the school district office you are interested in attending.