Juvenile AODA

What is Juvenile AODA Education?

Juvenile AODA Education is intended to reduce high-risk behavior and promote positive decision making among underage violators of Wisconsin’s alcohol and other drug-related laws. The program is provided statewide by the Wisconsin Technical College System. Participants receive information about short- and long-term effects of alcohol and other drugs on the mind and body, Wisconsin laws and consequences related to alcohol and other drug use and signs of use and addiction. Students examine their personal values and strengthen goal-setting and decision-making skills. They write a specific, realistic personal plan for avoiding future problems with alcohol and other drugs.

Who attends Juvenile AODA Education?

The program is appropriate for individuals under age 21 who have been cited for alcohol and other drug-related violations. These citations may include Juvenile Alcohol (possession, consumption, purchasing or attempting to purchase) and Underage Alcohol Operation (Absolute Sobriety violation) among others.

Class Requirements

  • Attend all sessions and exit interview.

  • Be in the classroom on time.

  • Bring a parent to session three.

  • Comply with the NWTC Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policies.

  • Not use alcohol/drugs prior to the class meeting. Any violation will result in student expulsion from class.

  • Respect NWTC property and rules. Any damage to property or theft will result in student expulsion from class and police intervention.

  • Not wear clothing associated with alcohol or drugs.

  • Participate fully in the group process.

  • Keep what is said in group by self and others confidential.

  • Sign and return the “Release of Information Form”.

  • Follow “Chemical Non-use Contract”.

  • Disable all electronic devices in the classroom.

  • Use appropriate language and behavior.

  • Allow the instructor to contact my parent or guardian if I am asked to leave class for any reason (if under 18).

Promoting Positive Change

The Underage Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program is built upon the premise that all individuals have the power to change behavior if they have the motivation and tools to do so. Students are assisted in applying course information to their own life circumstances and provided with guidance and support for change.

The Underage Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program applies prevailing research in change and motivation to help students avoid future problems with alcohol or other drugs. Students develop a Personal Action Plan to address the high-risk behavior that led to their citation. Students build their plans little by little throughout the course and benefit from ongoing feedback and support. The Personal Action Plan is the main focus of the course.

At the conclusion of the course, all students share completed Personal Action Plans with members of the class. The goal is for each student to leave the course with a personalized, realistic and specific plan to avoid future problems with alcohol or other drugs.

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