Law Enforcement Physical Readiness Standard

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The Department of Justice requires all Law Enforcement students - Academy and Certification Track - to pass two fitness tests. 

  • The pre-fitness test must be completed within 180 days of the first day of the Academy, or for Associate Degree students, before the first day of the second semester.
    • Students must turn in a copy of the pre-test completion certificate to the Public Safety Office before the designated deadline.
  • A student will have as many opportunities as available to participate in the full fitness pre-test.
  • Failure of one event in the test will result in a failure of the whole test.
  • The post-exam is covered in class at the end of the program.
    • Students who fail the post-exam are allowed one retake opportunity. Failure of the retake results in failure of the program.
    • The Department of Justice has provided a video of how each event of the fitness test is completed. View the video here:
Event1.5 Mile Run300 Meter RunPush-Ups

1 min Sit-Ups

Vertical JumpAgility Run
Law Enforcement Fitness Requirements

Pre-Test Min

20m 20s82 sec182411.5 in23.4 sec
Post-Test Min16m 57s68 sec233014 in19.5 sec

Where to take the Fitness Pre-Exam:

  • NWTC offers set dates and times for students to participate in the fitness pre-exam. Other approved locations are listed within 
  • All attempts of the fitness pre-test are paid for by the student.