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Power Electronics 3: Drives

Credits: 1
Course Number: 10-620-159

Course Description

10-620-159 POWER ELECTRONICS 3: DRIVES ...This course provides the opportunity for the student to develop the knowledge, skills, process and understanding of peer to peer AC drive (VFD) control and the integration of an AC drive into a PLC control system. This integration includes both hardwired remote PLC I/O control and direct Ethernet control. Integration concentrates on the AB PF525 VFD with an AB ControlLogix PLC and peer to peer control between the AB PF525 and the ABB ACS355 VFD's. (Prerequisite: 10-664-104, Automation 5:PLC; 10-605-158, Power Electronics 2: Drives)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall
  • Spring

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What will I learn?

  1. Identify signal circuitry of AC drives
  2. Perform startup procedures on AC drives
  3. Identify AC drive power circuitry
  4. Apply an industrial AC drive to AC induction motor
  5. Program AC drive
  6. Apply AC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to the operation of the 3-Phase Induction motor.
  7. Apply control wiring strategies to 3-Phase AC Variable Speed Drives
  8. Demonstrate programming and troubleshooting of 3- Phase AC variable speed drives.
  9. Apply Digital and Analog PLC input and output device circuits to control AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).
  10. Apply PLC control of a VFD through Ethernet communications.
  11. Apply peer to peer Digital and Analog VFD control between the VFD's.
  12. Program and Troubleshoot 3-Phase AC Variable Speed Drives utilizing multiple methods.