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Healthcare Law & Ethics

Credits: 2
Course Number: 10-530-178

Course Description

10-530-178 HEALTHCARE LAW & ETHICS ...examines regulations for the content, use, confidentiality, disclosure, and retention of health information. An overview of the legal system and ethical issues are addressed. (Corequisite: 10-530-162 Foundations of HIM)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall
  • Spring

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What will I learn?

  1. MAINTAIN a legally defensible health record
  2. EXAMINE the processes and legal documents intended to assure patient rights (i.e. Advance Directives, consents, research and IRB process, DNR, etc.)
  3. INTERPRET laws and regulations affecting health information
  4. APPLY confidentiality, privacy, and security measures pertaining to the use, access, disclosure and exchange of protected health information
  5. PROCESS requests for health information
  6. PREPARE health information for legal proceedings
  7. RECOMMEND response to breach of professional ethics

Class Details

Class Number:
Virtual Campus
Spring 2024
Linda Pristelski
Date Range:
Estimated Cost:
$322.10 *

Class Notes

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Meeting Times

Dates Day(s) / Time Location(s)
03/20/24 - 05/14/24 Anytime

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