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Fire Fighting Principles

Credits: 4
Course Number: 10-503-142

Course Description

10-503-142 FIRE FIGHTING PRINCIPLES ...basic fire behavior, techniques for control structural, related fire emergencies, life safety practices; covers practical evolutions necessary to control and extinguish fires; satisfies all requirements for Firefighter 1 state certification. (Prerequisite: Acceptance to Fire Science, Fire Medic or Fire Protection Technician program; Corequisite: 10-503-153, Hazardous Material Operations)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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What will I learn?

  1. Examine the fire fighter recruit program
  2. Use safe practices in the fire service not only on the fireground but in all required activities
  3. Choose protective clothing and gear
  4. Use fire service equipment
  5. Illustrate general fire department organization
  6. Describe the nature of fire travel
  7. Differentiate classes of fire and hazards created for the firefighter
  8. Operate various types and sizes of fire extinguishers
  9. Utilize various types and sizes of hose
  10. Utilize various methods of supplying water for fireground operations
  11. Operate fire streams
  12. Use ladders for fireground operations
  13. Gain entrance into buildings
  14. Summarize venting techniques and operations
  15. Use salvage covers and other salvage equipment
  16. Perform overhaul
  17. Determine the cause of the fire
  18. Use self-contained breathing apparatus
  19. Use rope and knots for fireground operations
  20. Use SCBA in searching for victims in a building
  21. Use hose lines within a structure
  22. Use ladders for rescue
  23. Examine fire department communications
  24. Analyze the value of fire prevention activities and fire inspection procedures
  25. Ascertain the operation and value of various sprinkler systems
  26. Utilize the Incident Command System on the fireground during tactical operations
  27. Interpret safety standards and codes as they pertain to safety on the fireground and at the station
  28. Recognize hazardous materials as they relate to the Emergency Response Guidebook (hazmat awareness level)
  29. Use safe practices in the fire service not only on the fireground but in all required activities

Class Details

Class Number:
Blended - Less than 50% Online
Fall 2024
Justin Uitenbroek
Date Range:
Estimated Cost:
$1,686.89 *

Class Notes

  • This class is taught through a combination of in-person and online instruction. Students will attend live portions of the class at the dates, times, and location specified. The remaining instruction will be accessed anywhere using internet. For more information regarding this delivery and how to access your class, see www.nwtc.edu/blendedfaq.

Meeting Times

Dates Day(s) / Time Location(s)
10/23/24 - 12/04/24 Anytime
10/23/24 - 12/04/24 M, W
7:30 AM - 3:20 PM
Green Bay Campus Room PS111113
GBP Fire Ground
10/23/24 W
11:45 AM - 3:20 PM
GBP Forced Entry Structure
10/25/24 - 11/22/24 F
7:30 AM - 11:20 AM
Green Bay Campus Room PS111113
GBP Fire Ground
GBP Forced Entry Structure
10/30/24 - 11/13/24 W
7:30 AM - 3:20 PM
GBP Forced Entry Structure
11/13/24 - 12/04/24 W
11:45 AM - 3:20 PM
GBP Forced Entry Structure

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