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EDU: Child & Adolescent Development

Credits: 3
Course Number: 10-522-106

Course Description

10-522-106 EDU: CHILD & ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT...provides an overview of physical, motor, perceptual, cognitive, social/emotional and growth and development birth through adolescence. Analyzes social, parental, cultural, brain, and economic influences on development.

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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What will I learn?

  1. Summarize child development theories
  2. Explore current societal factors impacting learning development
  3. Analyze development of children age birth to 3 years
  4. Analyze development of students at the preschool stage (ages 3-5)
  5. Analyze development of students at the early elementary stage (ages 5-8)
  6. Analyze development of students at the upper elementary stage (ages 9-12)
  7. Analyze development of students at the early adolescent stage (ages 12-14)
  8. Analyze development of students at the adolescent (to young adult) stage (ages 15-21)

Class Details

Class Number:
Fall 2024
Mary Katarincic, Tracy Blahnik
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$496.55 *

Class Notes

  • This is an Online class that can be accessed anywhere using internet. For more information regarding this delivery and how to access your class, see www.nwtc.edu/onlinefaq.

Meeting Times

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08/19/24 - 10/14/24 Anytime

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