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Criminal and Juvenile Law

Credits: 3
Course Number: 10-504-195

Course Description

10-504-195 CRIMINAL AND JUVENILE LAW ...In this course, learners will discover the history and philosophy of criminal law; utilize basic terminology and elements of criminal law while analyzing facts and circumstances to determine which crimes or forfeitures may have been committed and any defenses that might be available. They will assess crimes against persons, public safety, habitation, property, public order and morals, as well as crimes involving drugs or alcohol. They will consider the rights of victims and defendants while applying various forms of punishment and sentencing options to crime scenarios. This course will also provide the learner with the special knowledge and understanding of the history of juvenile justice and juvenile rights, child abuse, neglect and other crimes against children. They will determine the system’s proper jurisdiction over juveniles in ordinance and traffic offenses, delinquency, and waiver to adult court. They will investigate taking a youth into custody, the role of intake, and the juvenile court process from custody through adjudication. They will also evaluate the dispositional options and placements available including juvenile corrections.

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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What will I learn?

  1. Examine the history, development, principles, and philosophy of criminal law and the juvenile justice system.
  2. Utilize criminal law and juvenile justice terminology.
  3. Examine statutory construction, statutes of limitation, jurisdiction in cases of criminal law,  juvenile delinquency, juveniles or children in need of protection or services, and the taking of custody, intake worker duties, and waiver.
  4. Identify the basic elements of a crime.
  5. Examine the elements of party to a crime and vicarious liability and inchoate crimes.
  6. Analyze defenses to criminal liability.
  7. Utilize elements of crimes against persons including sexual and physical abuse of a child
  8. Utilize elements of crimes against health and public safety including child neglect
  9. Utilize elements of crimes against property.
  10. Utilize elements of crimes against privacy, morals, government, and public order.
  11. Differentiate civil, ordinance, and traffic offenses including status offenses involving alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances and curfew violations.
  12. Consider the constitutional and statutory rights of victims, defendants, and juveniles.
  13. Consider punishment and sentencing options for adults and dispositional alternatives for juveniles.

Class Details

Class Number:
Fall 2024
Kevin Rathburn
Date Range:
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$496.55 *

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10/23/24 - 12/18/24 Tu, W
12:30 PM - 3:15 PM
Green Bay Campus Room CC128

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