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Strategic Directions 2018-2023

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For over 100 years, NWTC has built a pipeline of highly-skilled workers for our region by providing education and training to thousands of individuals. Along the way, the College has become the area’s resource for affordable excellence, a champion of student success, and a pioneer of programs that meet the current and future needs of students and community.  

How has the College continued to be viable and intensely relevant for more than a century in a rapidly-changing economy?

It’s simple: We listen to the needs of our communities.

We recently asked District residents to help us set NWTC’s course for the next five years. We gathered input from business leaders, education partners, community members, and students. We asked what they needed from the College to support economic development, employment, and a great quality of life in Northeast Wisconsin. The feedback we received helped shape the NWTC Strategic Directions 2018-2023.

Download Strategic Directions 2018-2023

NWTC has set several primary goals which will shape the College’s work for the next five years. The common theme: student success.

  1. More students will complete academic programs.
  2. More students will graduate.
  3. More credentials will be granted.
  4. More students of color will graduate.
  5. More students will complete gateway courses.
  6. More students of color will complete gateway courses.
  7. More academic programs will produce more than one-third of the graduates needed to meet workforce demand.
  8. More residents will be served.

The complete goals, including metrics for each goal, can be found on page 42 of the full NWTC Strategic Directions 2018-2023 publication.