Shared Use Kitchens in Northeast Wisconsin

Shared Use Kitchens in Aurora, Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay

Do you have a special recipe or food product that you would like to process and sell to the public?

State law requires that these items be prepared in an inspected and licensed commercial kitchen. A shared-use kitchen incubator is a certified, fully-equipped commercial kitchen for use by growers, food processors, caterers, restaurants, chefs, special event food vendors, bakers, groups, organizations, and more!

Get started at one of our three locations in Aurora, Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay 

Users of the kitchen will pay an hourly fee, a fraction of the cost of renovating/converting a home kitchen or building a commercial kitchen.

The facility will support the business aspects of food processing such as:
  • writing a business plan
  • labeling
  • packaging
  • marketing
  • distribution  
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