NEW Clinic Fast Facts

Clinic Information

  • Location: The clinic is located in the Health Sciences Center at NWTC, 2740 W. Mason St..
  • Eligibility: Patients who are covered by Medical Assistance or who are uninsured, underinsured and who meet financial eligibility guidelines are treated at the clinic on a sliding scale fee.
  • Hours: The clinic is open Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 6:00 pm.  If the Green Bay Public Schools or the NWTC Green Bay Campus closes due to inclement weather, the clinic will be closed.
  • Appointments: Patients are seen on a 24-hour appointment schedule. Some same-day appointments are available, when indicated. Patients call 920-498-5436 for an appointment.
  • Services: The clinic provides on-site lab testing, assistance of a Health Benefits Coordinator to determine eligibility for various government and other agency programs, Mental Health Counselor NP, and Mental Health Counselor.

Staff and Equipment

  • The full-time healthcare provider is a licensed Physician Assistant (PA) and the part-time healthcare provider is a licensed Physician (MD).
  • The clinic is also staffed with a Clinic Coordinator, 2 Medical Assistants, Medical Laboratory Technician, 2 Receptionists/Interpreters, and Health Benefits Access Coordinator.
  • The state-of-the-art clinic utilizes Epic software for scheduling of patient appointments and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for documentation of patient information and care.
  • Referrals are made to participating providers, when specialty care cannot be provided on-site,
  • The Clinic Coordinator can be reached at (920) 498-5436.

Patient Impact

  • There have been more than 32,000 patient visits to the clinic since it opened in July 2006.
  • 65 % of the clinic patients surveyed said that if the clinic services had not been available, they would have gone to a Hospital Emergency Center.
  • 94 % of patients surveyed said the N.E.W. Clinic at NWTC met their immediate health care needs.
  • Unemployment, economic changes, and welfare reforms have left many families without health coverage.
  • The percentage of uninsured is higher among minority groups than among the majority population. The minority population in Brown County has increased during the past decade, increasing the need for quality, cost-effective care.
  • 60 to 65 % of patient visits to the clinic require an English/Spanish Interpreter.
  • Since early detection and monitoring of many conditions can prevent a costly medical crisis, access to primary care is critical to reducing health care costs for the entire community.

Student Impact

The N.E.W. Clinic at NWTC provides clinical practice for students in NWTC degree programs. For example:

  • Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) students assist Providers with patient care.
  • Respiratory Therapist (RT) students provide Respiratory Care/Asthma Clinics.
  • Medical Assistant (MA) program students assist the clinic team with patient intake and care.
  • Health Information Technology (HIT) program students gain valuable experience and provide service in customer relations, data collection, data analysis, and utilization of information technology systems.
  • During the year 2016, more than 125 of the clinic patients were assisted during their clinic visit by 32 NWTC Health Sciences Program Students.
The clinic offers:
  • Increased student clinical opportunities for the development of excellent health care skills.
  • Student education is enriched by interaction with patients of diverse backgrounds.

Facility facts:

  • Northeast Wisconsin residents voted in 2001 to expand the campus, to include a large Health Sciences complex. It was built to meet the future, projected shortage of health care professionals needed to care for an aging population.  The clinic is located in the Health Sciences Center.
  • The clinic, opened in July 2006, was sponsored with funding from a federal grant, introduced by U.S. Senator Herb Kohl, provided through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The daily operation of the clinic is supported financially by Bellin Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, and St. Vincent Hospital. These hospitals also provide free and reduced cost services to N.E.W. Clinic patients. These services include lab tests, X-ray and other diagnostic studies.
  • Federal grant funding, received in 2012, expanded Provider services and staffing available to an increased number of clinic patients.

Community impact:

  • The shortage of new health care workers to replace retiring baby boomers is expected to increase costs and threaten access to care nationwide. By producing more graduates, clinic partners hope to address health costs and enhance future care for everyone.
  • Rural areas north of Brown County offer few options for low cost/free medical care. The N.E.W. Clinic at NWTC gives special attention to communicating the availability of these health services to counties located in the NWTC district.

Contact the N.E.W. Clinic at NWTC

Phone: (920) 498-5436

For additional programs and phone numbers, please visit