Client Rights

Clients seen at the NWTC Dental Clinic have a right to:

  1. Respect of the individuality, dignity, and rights of every client regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, social, or economic status.
  2. Professional, confidential client relationships.
  3. The provision of services to the standard of care of the dental professions.
  4. Protection and respect for personal and property rights of the client. Written permission is required of the client. Written permission is required to use client records for public presentation or educational purposes.
  5. Compliance with OSHA requirements and CDC guidelines regarding exposure control for client and operator protections.
  6. Provisions for client safety during treatment.
  7. Thorough screening of client's medical background for any medical concerns that would contra-indicate or require modifications in preventive or restorative care.
  8. Be informed of the uniqueness of the NWTC Dental Clinic as a learning environment and the impact on length of appointment, faculty supervision, and fees for service.
  9. An explanation of recommended and alternative treatments, expected outcomes, and the option to refuse treatment.
  10. Be informed of their current oral health status and be given appropriate referrals and recommendations.
  11. Access to all clinical assessments and services including significant information related to an appointment.
  12. The completion of service within the agreed upon time frame.