Mission, Vision and Values


Customer Focus:

We are committed to exceeding the service and learning expectations of our customers and our community.

Everyone Has Worth:

We are committed to embracing the worth of every individual, creating a place for all people, and promoting the respectful environment necessary for intellectual and personal discovery.

Passion and Inspiration:

We have a personal passion for achieving the College’s vision, inspiring and motivating others to action.

Creativity and Innovation:

We are committed to energizing and fostering transformative change through challenging experiences, proactive thinking, and taking initiative.


We are committed to open communication, teamwork, and productive conflict that strengthen relationships and create better solutions.

Emotional Intelligence:

We are committed to growth in our individual awareness through personal reflection, seeking input from others and aligning our actions.

Results and Accountability:

We are individually and collectively accountable for the sustainable and optimal use of resources and the achievement of meaningful, measurable results.

Valuing Talent & Well Being:

We are committed to fostering a mentally and physically healthy work environment that promotes learning and growth and attracts and retains talented people.


We are committed to ethical and honest behavior and personal responsibility for living and modeling the values of NWTC.

Our Mission

We are a two-year technical college, serving Northeast Wisconsin by providing education, training, and life-long learning opportunities for individuals and businesses leading to the development of a skilled workforce. Our customers stimulate the economic vitality of our district as a result of the application of skills and knowledge acquired through the completion of certificates, degrees, diplomas, and courses.

Our Vision

NWTC is a cutting edge life-long learning college that transforms, strengthens, and inspires.