Employee Involvement Groups

Employee Involvement Group

About Employee Involvement Groups

At NWTC we value the inherent worth of each employee at the College. We acknowledge we share many similarities with one another, yet also have our own unique backgrounds, experiences, needs, skills and stories. Employee Involvement Groups are voluntary, self-initiated employee groups that foster a diverse, inclusive workplace.

Employee Involvement Groups:

  • Align and support organizational mission, values, goals, business practices, and strategic direction.
  • Develop a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Foster innovation and build employees’ skills.

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  • Engagement

    Provide an inclusive environment that encourages involvement and builds stronger connections amongst individuals who maybe have felt excluded in the past

    Recruitment and Retention

    Promote NWTC as an employer of choice for staff and faculty employment opportunities to diverse communities

    Community Outreach

    Increase commitment to community issues, therefore generating support leading to increased social understanding

    Personal & Professional Development

    Provide developmental, mentoring and educational opportunities for the members

  • Hmong Involvement Group
    Hmong Professionals

    Purpose:  The Hmong professionals of NWTC seek to establish an Employee Involvement Group that is inclusive of all diverse professionals with the passion to build, nurture, and live the College’s values for the common purpose of enhancing healthy engagements and building a strong network of resources across the campus. This group works toward enhancing involvement and connections within the Hmong Professionals at NWTC, network with the broader Hmong community to provide and promote educational opportunities. This group will also advocate for students of Hmong-identity with direct impact to their college experience where equity and sense of belonging is fostered through mentorship and scholarships.

    Chair Contact:  Pakou Thao, Talent Development Assistant  920-498-6840

    Chair Contact:  Xai Yang, Executive Assistant to VP, Learning 920-498-6972

    Intertribal Employee Involvement Group
    Intertribal Employee Involvement Group

    Purpose:  This group represents NWTC's Native American Employees and provides a way to promote discussion and express perspectives/experiences to build cultural awareness, respect, and inclusiveness within the College. We will promote the recruitment and retention of Native American employees by offering networking, social gatherings, and opportunities to identify barriers within the workplace. We will support student success through mentoring, community outreach, and persistence initiatives.

    Chair Contact:  Marcus Perez, Talent Strategy Director  920-498-6828

    Pride and Allies Network
    Pride and Allies Network

    Purpose:  The Pride and Allies Network serves to foster an inclusive, open campus community, advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, inter-sex and allied (LGBTQIA) people. Promoting recruitment and retention of LGBTQIA employees will happen through opportunities to network, socialize, and address inequality in the college culture. The group consists of LGBTQIA individuals interested in LGBTQIA issues affecting employees and students at NWTC.

    Chair Contact:  Jan Scoville, Regional Learning Dean 920-498-6259

    Women of Color Network
    Women of Color Network

    Purpose:  The purpose of the NWTC’s Women of Color Network (WOCN) EIG will be to create a safe, inclusive space where women of color employees gather to connect, engage, and provide peer-to-peer mentorship. The group will work to engage in positive relationships with women of color on campus and in the broader community by building a supportive network that will help its members overcome barriers, celebrate successes and achieve their full potential as valued employees of the College.

    Chair Contact: 
    Zianya Saldaña, Student Support Specialist 920-498-5588