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Educational Workshops

Why Culturally Awareness Education at NWTC? 

The objective of culturally awareness education is the integration, transformation and transmission of knowledge about the various cultural groups we serve. Living Inclusively, Teaching Inclusively and Serving Inclusively gives our employees an opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, process and understanding of culture and how it relates to personal and social perception and influence, personal values, beliefs, and biases, societal structure, local and global societies, cultural practices, and functions and trends. 

To that end, as educators we need to be knowledgeable of the many contributions and self-sacrifices made by Americans of all ethnic backgrounds in all areas of human endeavor as much as humanly possible. Armed with such knowledge, we may provide our students the role models they need to emulate – role models with whom they may identify with. NWTC is convinced that we can help all learners realize their dreams if we accept and disseminate new information designed to empower, engage and motivate them regardless of their ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation or national origin.