Summer and fall classes will be offered in-person, blended, and online with COVID-19 precautions in place. No Risk Enrollment available now. All NWTC facilities are closed to the public until further notice. All campus resources are available by phone, chat, email or text.


Brand Resources

On this page, you'll find tools and resources to help tell the NWTC story. Whether you're NWTC staff and faculty - or you're a member of the media or an outside agency - if you communicate on behalf of the College in any way, please use these tools. Let's tell the NWTC story together!

Download the Logo

Essential to our brand, the NWTC logo acts as our primary identifier and signifies what makes the College unique. The NWTC logo should never be recreated or altered. Only official logo files should be used in communications. Consult the Brand Guide for tips and guidelines. 


Download the Logo

Brand Colors

Color: Eagle Blue
PMS: 2955
CMYK: 100 / 60 / 10 / 53
RGB: 0 / 56 / 101
HEX: 003865  
Color: Broadway Blue
PMS: 2384
CMYK: 99 / 48 / 1 / 14
RGB: 0 / 97 / 160
HEX: 0061A0
Color: Traditional Teal
PMS: 2227
CMYK: 60 / 0 / 25 / 0
RGB: 89 / 190 / 201


Contact Heather Golden, Marketing Coordinator at or 920-498-5477.