NWTC Offers New Programs This Fall for Students to Soar Higher

Thursday April 22, 2021
NWTC Offers New Programs This Fall for Students to Soar Higher
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is offering eight new programs starting this fall within its Business, Public Safety, and Trades & Engineering Technologies departments.

“These new programs underscore the importance of our efforts to meet industry needs so our students are equipped with the required skills and experience as they enter the workforce,” said Dr. Jeff Rafn, NWTC president.

NWTC assesses the needs of the community and employers when considering new programs. For example, the new Telecommunication Tower Technician 1 Certificate is projected to be a growing market due to the impacts of COVID-19. As the need from 4G to 5G networking has rapidly shifted during quarantine, this service has created a demand for trained employees to fill new job opportunities.

NWTC will continue its commitment to Industry 4.0 efforts across departments, offering a new Additive Manufacturing Local Certificate and Data Specialist Associate Degree. Designed to address needs of the current and future workforce, these programs incorporate the integrated and digitally optimized solutions that are leading these industries.

“Offering these new programs and innovations enables NWTC to be at the forefront of preparing a skilled workforce,” said Dr. Kathryn Rogalski, NWTC vice president of learning. “We have the opportunity to mold our students as innovators, critical thinkers, and help our businesses be competitive.”

NWTC is planning to resume in-person classes, services, and activities at all campuses and regional centers for the fall semester.

Fall 2021 registration is available now. Below is a full list of the new fall programs and you can learn more on our New Programs webpage. 

Data Specialist Associate Degree
As one of today’s top 10 in-demand jobs according to Microsoft, more businesses have an increased need for data analysts to interpret, analyze and present data to make essential decisions. The Data Analyst program will teach techniques to combine, clarify and interpret patterns and trends, and provide visualizations of the data using best practices and relevant technologies.

Justice & Community Advocacy Associate Degree
The demand for individuals in service-oriented jobs is growing. The Justice & Community Advocacy program will teach students the functions of community advocacy agencies, correctional facilities, operations in probation & parole, criminal justice agencies, private investigation and emergency dispatch careers.

Substance Use Disorder Counseling Associate Degree
According to Labor Insight, the career demand of a substance abuse counselors is projected to grow nearly 22% over the next 10 years. This program prepares students with the skills needed for job opportunities like substance abuse counseling, corrections, employee and student assistance, and social services.

Career & Technical Education Instruction Associate Degree
The Career and Technical Education Instruction program prepares individuals to teach technology education/industrial arts programs. Graduates will be ready to teach occupational, vocational, career, or technical subjects to students at the middle and secondary school level.

Diesel Maintenance Technician Technical Diploma
This one-year program prepares students for entry-level employment as a diesel truck technician working in over-the-road truck fleet maintenance, dealership service, or repair shop service. Students will gain the skills and knowledge in diesel engines, diesel fuel systems, electronic technology, hydraulic applications, preventive maintenance, and more.

Landscape Technician Technical Diploma
As an opportunity for those to turn their outdoor passion into a profession, this program will provide the skills needed to start a career in horticulture – from plant identification, hardscape and plant installations, landscaping equipment operation, and more. NWTC’s Landscape Technician Technical Diploma is the only Wisconsin program hosted by an accredited college that is located on a botanical garden site.

Additive Manufacturing Local Certificate
The NWTC Additive Manufacturing certificate is designed to provide the skills required to design and execute 3-D printing projects. With advances in 3-D modeling and printing, this certificate covers key competencies that will be required for many designers and engineers.

Telecommunications Tower Technician 1 Certificate
The Telecommunications Tower Technician 1 Certificate is intended to provide students with theory and hands-on educational experience necessary to receive a job in the Telecommunications field. Students will learn safety, basic rigging and fall protection, principles of electricity, fiber optics, wireless technology, cell components, antenna basics, and spectrum management.