What you should know about weather-related closings at NWTC

Tuesday January 29, 2019

Below are some tips to know when you're wondering whether NWTC will declare a "snow day" or delay.

In an emergency, be the first to knowTO DO: Please add your cell number or check your settings at

Also, please bookmark and follow NWTC social media accounts (listed below).
Some pay-as-you-go phones cannot receive emergency text messages. NWTC email accounts and main social media will provide alerts.


As you come to class or travel in the snow and cold weather, bundle up, wear sensible footwear and make sure you have emergency supplies in your vehicle.

If you cannot get to campus

If the College is open but you are unable to come to class, please contact your instructor via Blackboard (or whatever your instructor has indicated on your syllabus). As the Student Handbook says, students will not be punished for exercising reasonable caution in unsafe travel conditions. We will work to help students learn anything they may have missed.

What to expect

NWTC does not typically close for extreme weather. We try to remain open to serve our customers.

However, NWTC’s service area is large, and conditions may vary. Please use your best judgment based on conditions in your area.

Where to get weather closing ("snow day or delay") announcements

  • Text messages go to anyone who has provided a cell number to the College. Sign up or check your settings at
  • Student and employee email accounts all receive NWTC Alerts as email messages.
  • The College’s main social media accounts will also display emergency messages. Follow:
  • Notices are sent to news media for their Weather Closings pages.
  • A web banner will be posted on NWTC's home page. 

What time will NWTC announce delays and closings?

In the event of campus or center closings, the College will attempt to send notifications by 6:00 a.m. for day classes and 3:00 p.m. for evening classes. Always assume the College will be open as usual unless you receive an NWTC Alert via text or email, or see a post on the NWTC home page or NWTC's main social media.

Closed means closed

All students and staff are expected to leave when the campus is closed except facilities and security staff. Doors will be locked. Vehicles should be removed from all parking lots.


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