Your used business clothes could help a local student

Thursday July 19, 2018

Please donate interview-appropriate clothes by July 27

Do you remember your first interview?

Thinking about what to wear can be stressful, especially if money is tight. If you have professional attire that you no longer wear, donating it now could help change someone’s life.

Nicolet Bank locations in Door County are collecting interview clothes for the NWTC Career Closet, which serves students who are ready to graduate and begin a new career.  

NWTC Career ClosetStudents need:
-Suit coats

In the Door County area:

Please drop off all donations at any Nicolet Bank in Door County. They are accepting donations until Friday, July 27.
Information: please contact Paula Englebert at 617-8194 or Bridgett Starr at 746-5469 at Nicolet National Bank.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Through the NWTC Career Closet, your clothes could have a second life – and make an impact for a lifetime!

NOTE: Year-round in other areas of Northeast Wisconsin:

Please contact your nearest NWTC campus or Regional Learning Center. The NWTC Career Closet is always looking for interview clothes to assist students throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

For information on NWTC Career Services for students, alumni and the public, please visit

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