Need options after ITT Tech? NWTC is here to help

Friday September 9, 2016

Student Services employee helps a studentIndividuals who have attended ITT Tech or been affected by the shutdown can get assistance at NWTC. NWTC can help former ITT Tech students discover how to use their education and experience toward a new career, while preserving any loan forgiveness options and limiting student debt. NWTC offers:

Opportunities are available to students whether or not they were enrolled when ITT Tech started closing campuses. Online and other flexible options can be especially critical to soldiers, military veterans and low-income students who were affected by school closings nationwide.

No matter what a student's background is or what college(s) a student has attended, NWTC Student Services staff can help turn knowledge into new opportunities and a head start on a degree.


Contact us today to learn more about available programs and credit transfer opportunities.  

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NWTC Student Services staff are committed to helping every student succeed in classes, degree programs and life after college.

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