Un-random acts of kindness fill the NWTC physics lab

Wednesday December 16, 2015

GREEN BAY – Opening a door for someone or helping someone carry their groceries are acts of kindness people do every day without thinking twice. Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) physics instructor Shannon Brunette is using those un-random acts of kindness to teach her students a lesson in not only the classroom but in life.

“ I was looking for a way to step out of physics and think about the kindness, the bigger picture and make the students think about the world around them,” said Brunette.

She created the un-random acts of kindness wall in her classroom, which is covered in more than 300 post-it notes, each with a story of generosity.

Each week, students in her five physics classes have the chance to earn extra credit with their good deeds. They attach a post-it to their homework with their un-random act of kindness handwritten on it and Brunette will add 3 points to their work.

“It makes you better person in your community, your home and at work. So making people think about generosity and recognize that we all do something kind is a really good thing,” said Brunette.

She added there is a lot of talk about kindness and everybody does something nice every week.

“I’ve put up a post-it almost every week. It is a great opportunity to not only earn extra points, but it also gives you an incentive to promote doing kindness and brighten not only someone else’s day, but maybe your own," said Avery Wesolowski, NWTC student.

Another of Brunette’s student’s Curtis Turner said, “We are more aware of doing nice things for people. Sometimes in life we take for granted going out of our way to help people. This wall helps us raise awareness to go out and help people.”

The un-random act of kindness wall will continue. Brunette plans to challenge her classes to provide more kindness next semester.