District Plan of Representation


Employment Status



Employee  David Mayer 7/15-6/2021
Brown/Outagamie Employer Cathy Dworak 7/15-6/2021
Brown/Outagamie School
 Ben Villarruel 7/15-6/2021
Oconto                    Employer Carla Hedtke 7/16-6/2019
Door Additional Gerald Worrick 7/16-6/2019
Brown/Outagamie Employee Kim Schanock 7/16-6/2019
Shawano Additional Richard Stadelman 7/17-7/2020
Florence Elected Official OPEN 7/17-7/2020
Marinette Additional Dorothy Sadowski 7/17-7/2020

  • Board membership should include no fewer than 3 women or men.
  • The Appointment Committee shall consider minority group representation in the Appointment Process.
  • State Statutes require: A) 2 Employer positions; B) 2 Employee positions; 3 Additional member positions; 1 School District Administrator position; and, 1 Elected Official position.
  • No more than 2 additional members may be employees, and no more than 2 additional members may be employers. 
  • No two Board members may be officials of the same governmental body.
  • Board members who no longer fit the category of "employer," “employee," or "school district administrator" member, due to resignation or retirement, may fill out the remainder of their terms. This is not the case for the "elected official" position. The statutes specifically provide that the member of a district Board serving in that capacity shall cease to be a member upon vacating his or her office as an elected official. This vacancy then must be filled in the appropriate timeframe.