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What is my Username and Password?

  • Your username is your 8-digit NWTC ID number. (Your NWTC ID is printed on your grade report and some other NWTC documents).
  • Students are prompted for a secure password when creating their account to apply to a program or enroll in classes.
  • Existing accounts will require a secure password change every 180 days.
  • For more information, please reference the NWTC Password Policy.

What is my Username and Password used for?

  • My.NWTC (student portal)
  • Student e-mail
  • Canvas
  • Campus Computers
  • NWTC supported systems

What if I do not know my NWTC ID?

  • Go to
  • Click on "my.NWTC," and
  • Select "Create/Activate My Account"
  • Or
  • Go to
  • Click on “Forgot ID”

What if I have forgotten my Password?

Remember to update your personal email address in the my.NWTC portal. A personal email address is required to change your password in the event that you are unable to access your NWTC email. Click for Instructions how to update your personal email address

Who do I contact if I'm still having problems?


Call the 24/7 Student Help Line for assistance. (800) 422-NWTC, ext. 6900 or (866) 235-5037.

Visit the Welcome Center located on Level 2 of the Student Center Building on the Green Bay Campus.


Call the NWTC Help Desk for assistance. (800) 422-NWTC, ext. 6800 or (920) 498-6800.