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Diversity Teams and Partnerships

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Diversity Teams and Partnerships

Together, we can ensure that Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is a place for all. NWTC partners with community organizations and K-12 schools to help enhance our college environment with a focus on diversity and inclusiveness.

NWTC Diversity Team

The purpose of NWTC’s Diversity Team is to advocate for an inclusive culture in support of the strategic directions of the college. This will be achieved by fulfilling the college’s vision for equity, and supporting innovations that stimulate and advance diversity and inclusion within the college and our community.

Diversity – Individual values and learning styles, as well as group and social identities.
Equity – Act of meeting our diverse population where they are to remove barriers to their success.
Inclusion – Ensure a sense of belonging as a valued member of the community.

Organizationally, the Team is focused around four areas:

  • Campus Climate - supports and monitors strategic College-wide (DEI) indicators and standards to ensure responsibility and accountability for achieving those desired outcomes.
  • Diversity Education - develops, guides, evaluates and communicates (DEI) educational opportunities for students and employees.
  • Student Success - reviews data associated with the student experience to identify (DEI) opportunities and encourage the enhancement of services and programs.
  • Workforce Diversity - reviews data related to employee and student experiences in the workplace to support (DEI) recruitment and retention strategies.

Oneida Partnership

The purpose of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) relationship is to develop and maintain a strategic collaboration that strengthens Tribal nation building; inspires tribal members to successfully complete post-secondary technical education credentials; and, through the provision of robust technical education, transform and sustain the economic and social vitality of the nation and its members. 

President’s Diversity Council

The purpose of the NWTC President’s Diversity Advisory Council shall be to provide recommendations and advice as well as to advocate and help NWTC enhance its drive to promote diversity of its faculty/staff and to increase the enrollment and graduation of traditionally under-represented minority student populations by:

  • Providing recommendations and assistance to enhance NWTC’s efforts to promote a culture-friendly environment community-wide.
  • Assisting NWTC, through recommendations and actions, in reaching out to the community in terms of recruitment and retention of traditionally under-represented minority populations.
  • Assisting the administration, staff, and faculty of NWTC in understanding and positively responding to the ethnic and cultural diversity issues of the community they serve.
  • Helping NWTC develop and strengthen its community network designed to increase communication district-wide.

Prosperity through Diversity Higher Education Coalition (S.U.N.G. - St. Norbert, UWGB, NWTC, & Green Bay Area Schools - Committee)

The aim of this team is to bring about a climate among the majority population of Brown County that embraces, celebrates, and promotes the growing ethnic and racial diversity of the region. This shall be reflected in the marketing of the region, its political decisions and discussion, and its economic, educational, and social actions.  


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