Student User Name and Password

What is my Username and Password?

  • Your username is your 8-digit Student ID number. (Your Student ID is printed on your grade report and some other NWTC documents.)
  • Students are prompted for a secure password when creating their account to apply to a program or enroll in classes.
  • Existing accounts will require a secure password change every 180 days.
  • For more information, please reference the NWTC Password Policy.


What is my Username and Password used for?

  • My.NWTC (student portal)
  • Student e-mail
  • Blackboard
  • Campus Computers
  • NWTC supported systems


What if I do not know my Student ID?

  • Go to
  • Click on "my.NWTC," and
  • Select "Create/Activate My Account"


What if I have forgotten my Password?

Reset your password using any of the following methods:

  • Select Forgot your password from the Windows sign on page from any non-thin client computer on campus to answer the security questions and reset your password.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on any Windows computer on campus and choose Change a password to enter a new password when already logged on.

  • Select Reset Password link from My.NWTC, Blackboard, or student Email sign on pages to answer security questions and reset password on or off campus.

  • Select Password Help > Reset Password within the NWTC Mobile application to answer security questions and reset password. This option is available from any mobile device providing internet access. The application is available for download from Google Play and Apple App Store.

  • Enter from any internet browser on or off campus to answer security questions and reset password.

  • Contact student or staff help desks for assistance changing passwords.


Who do I contact if I'm still having problems?

Call the 24/7 Student Help Line

  • Help Desk: (800) 422-NWTC, ext. 6900 or (866) 235-5037
  • NWTC Enrollment Services: (888) 385-6982.