NWTC First Year Experience

Student Orientation Advising Registration

Welcome to NWTC! NWTC’s first year experience, SOAR (Student, Orientation, Advising, Registration) is designed to help you learn what it means to be a successful student, to help you become aware of the services available to you at NWTC, and to give you the tools you need to register for your first semester of courses and plan your education here at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

The first-step is to attend a SOAR session! During your session you will meet your Academic Advisor, create a plan to complete your chosen program, and enroll in upcoming NWTC classes. Attendance is mandatory, but we promise that you will leave your registration session ready to reach your goals.

If you are starting classes this summer or fall, you can RSVP to a session today

Step two is to Get Set for Success at Orientation! Your Welcome Week Orientation takes place the week before classes begin, so you’ll get just-in-time information about:

  • How to find your classrooms
  • How to purchase books
  • Where to park
  • What college resources are available
  • And much more! (Did we mention there'll be free food and prizes?!)

During Welcome Week Orientation, you will also meet with your program instructors to get more specific information about your chosen career path and what you’ll need to get started with your classes.

Now you are ready to start off your first semester of classes! But we know that being a successful student takes drive, hard-work, and dedication, so we’ve created some tools to help keep you on track.
College 101 is a required course in your first semester that focuses on study skills, college resources, goal setting, time management, and learning styles to help you develop strategies for success. Taking College 101 in your first semester will give you the building blocks to successfully complete your degree.

Academic Coaching is available to all credit students for free! These services are available to empower learners on their path to success. Not only do we strive to assist learners in difficult classes, but we also hope to help students discover self-motivation, gain self-awareness, and adopt life-long learning.

Starfish is an early alert academic performance system designed to make it easy for students, instructors, and staff to stay connected, be engaged, and focus on the student's success. When obstacles appear, it is important that you know how to connect with the helpful resources and people that have been put in place just for you. Starfish can be found within Blackboard, and is a great place to stay connected with your success network!