Eiffel Tower
Each year, the Community College in France Bootcamps have brought together community college students from across the US to study in France. These 2 to 3-week, English-speaking programs are designed to provide high quality, culturally immersive study abroad opportunities for students who have been historically under-represented in study abroad. Students explore current global issues in sustainability and human rights, gain professional development, and go on site visits to discover France and its culture.
NWTC has been invited to send 1-2 students.

The following 5 programs have been highlighted as having a stronger focus on Sustainability. You are welcome to explore the full list of Bootcamp Programs that have been put together by the French Embassy, French universities, and companies.
Green Innovation in Industry, Sciences, & for All
Sustainable Design
Sustainability Movement in France
Rendez-Vous: Sustainable Development
Urban Sustainability