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Supply Chain Management


The association is an organization of students enrolled at the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It serves the members as follows:
1.    To develop leadership in the field of supply chain management.
2.    To develop and improve supply chain management skills.
3.    To create school loyalty.
4.    To create a sense of individual responsibility.
5.    To provide satisfactory social and recreational activities.
6.    To develop an appreciation for the field of supply chain management.



The meetings are held on Mondays or Tuesdays during the first half of the month at Gallagher’s Pizza at 2655 W Mason St, Green Bay, WI.

The meetings start at 11am or noon and will last an hour. Please contact the program advisor, president, or vice president to confirm the meeting date and time if you are interested in attending.

Events and Fundraising

Main Fundraiser (TBD)
Service Learning Project
Other fundraisers as needed


If interested in joining the Supply Chain Management Club, please contact the program advisor, Angela Hansen at (920) 491-2624.


Current club dues/fees:  There is a one time fee of $5 that will cover the cost of enrollment for the semester.


President: Jennifer Nykanen –
Vice President: Melissa Mock -
Student Senate Rep: David Gomez

Advisor: Angela Hansen,