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Business Professionals of America Marinette

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This organization is for student enrolled in Business courses at NWTC - Marinette

What is BPA?

Business Professionals of America is an organization for students with a future in business management, office administration, information technology or other related fields. Supporting businesses and educators, BPA offers a curriculum based on national standards.

What does BPA have to offer you?

  • Compete in state & national team and individual events
  • Visiting new and exciting places
  • Preparation for workforce
  • Relationships with community business circles
  • Exposure to potential employers
  • Growing both personally and professionally
  • Meet peers from all over the country

Top 10 reasons to joining BPA:

  1. Experience person and professional growth
  2. Gain real-life skills
  3. Participate in competitive events
  4. Develop leadership
  5. Get lifetime opportunities
  6. Connect with businesses
  7. Earn rewards and recognition
  8. Attend conferences & workshops
  9. Meet with similar interests
  10. Qualify for scholarships

What competitive events can you choose from?

  • Financial Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Information Technology
  • Management/Marketing/Human Resources

BPA Conferences

  • Cleveland, WI - Nov 12
  • Rice Lake, WI - Feb 16-19
  • Chicago, IL - April 25-29

For more information please contact:

Maureen Colenso | 715.927.1846 |
Shelley McDermid | 715.732.3896 |