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Asian Student Focus Group Association

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Asian Student Focus Group guys


The Asian American Student Focus Association (AASFA) help each other to enroll in college, become successful students, and graduate.  We know that higher education, academic excellence and cross-cultural communication are important, both within our community and for all of Northeast Wisconsin. That’s why we serve as a bridge between the Asian American community and NWTC’s faculty, staff and students. That’s why we’re providing a voice in education for Asian American students.  That’s why we get together to help each other reach our goals. And that’s why we would like to have you join us!

  • Promote and preserve Asian culture
  • Peer support and safe place
  • Help Asian American students develop skills to be productive members in the community
  • To bring students together:
    • to focus on their assessments/assignments.
    • to gain leadership experiences.
    • to build social network/relationships.

Asian Student Focus Group Ladies


Advisor: Mee Saykao Saykao, mee.saykao@NWTC.EDU (920)498-5691
President: Kee Xiong,


4:30 - 6:30pm  |  SC135 Conference Room
Sept. 30
Oct. 14, 28
Nov. 11, 18
Dec. 2, 16

The Asian Student Focus Group also meets for Study Group every Tuesday and Thursday |  Open Hours from 4 to 9pm

Events and Fundraising

  • Eggroll Fundraisers 


A new member can join  club by attending the Asian Student Focus Group Association meetings and participating in the activities. In order to stay in the club, members are required to attend one of two meetings per month and helping with fundraising.

Club dues are $5 per member.

Club Officers

President: Kee Xiong,
Vice President: Pa Dao Vue,
Secretary: Niramol Yodsirisuk,
Treasury: Chang Pheng Lee, (920) 461-7002,
Event Coordinator: Jeng Leng Lee, (920) 461-7012

Club Advisor: Mee Sayko, (920)498-5691,