Student and Staff IDs

Student and Staff Photo ID's are available in the Student Involvement Office, SC118.

Student ID's

- Student Photo ID's are available to all students currently enrolled in credit bearing classes.
- Students please bring a state issued photo ID and know your student ID # when getting your ID.
- IDs are are valid until the student is no longer an active NWTC Student.
- Expired IDs can be updated with a new expiration date sticker in the Student Involvement Office.


- There is  NO CHARGE for Student Photo IDs without Fitness Center & Gym access.

- There is, however, a $5.00 charge if you lose your Student Photo ID with Fitness Center & Gym access and want to replace it.

Benefits of Student ID's

- Participate in FREE Student Involvement Events
- Use the Fitness Center & Gym
- Scan for campus printers
- Check out books in Library
- Buy textbook/ supplies in Bookstore
- Take tests in Assessment Center
- Check out items in the Student Involvement Office
- Receive discounts at local businesses

Staff ID's

- There is no charge for Staff ID's.

- Staff needs to fill out Staff ID form and have signed by the appropriate supervisor.

- Bring form to Student Involvement Office, SC118 and ID will be given at that time.

Student ID Voter Registration Information

For more information about using your student ID to vote and general voting information for students click here.