Peer Mentoring Program


Are you interested in becoming involved with NWTC's Peer Mentor Program?

What is the Peer Mentor Program?

Through the Peer Mentor Program, new NWTC students are matched with current NWTC students who are familiar with campus and resources. Mentors use their personal experience as NWTC students, to provide mentees with valuable advice and guidance.

By creating connections with students, the Peer Mentor Program personalized the NWTC experience and creates opportunities for rewarding relationships.

What is the Mentor/Mentee Commitment?

  • Connect twice a month per semester
  • Be honest, act respectfully, and model integrity
  • Enjoy the experience and have fun!

What are the Benefits of the Program?

Mentee Benefits
  • Get involved in campus life
  • Improve communicating and self-advocacy skills
  • Connect with a current NWTC students
  • Obtain academic success tips and support from a fellow student
Mentor Benefits
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Make a difference in a fellow student's life
  • Gain a sense of community
  • Add mentor experience to your resume

Have you been described as:

  • A Knowledgeable & Experienced Guide
  • A Trusted Ally & Advocate
  • Or a Caring Role-model

Would you like to:

  • Share your college experiences with an excited new college student!
  • Make a difference in someone’s life!
  • Create positive change in your community!
  • Build your resume!
  • Enhance your leadership skills!

Then what are you waiting for...

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Peer Mentor and Mentee Responsibilities
Mentor Expectations Mentee Expectations
  • Weekly investment of time; checking-in, formal meeting, formal and informal discussions and follow through of activities
  • Offer positive challenges to others that will help build self-confidence
  • Encourage thoughtful reflection
  • Provide resources and materials
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Listen non-judgmentally
  • Celebrate the achievements of others
  • Speak often of strengths based leadership
  • Encourage & engage your mentee with campus-wide activities
  • Weekly investment of time; checking-in, formal meeting, formal and informal discussions and follow through of activities
  • Actively participate in activities and discussions
  • Be open and honest during conversation, challenges and other activities
  • Share fears, concerns and issues
  • Listen and ask questions
  • Accept friendship and support
  • Schedule time for you, your family and friends... find life balance
  • Be reflective and set goals
  • Engage in campus-wide activities