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Skills USA

The Purpose of Skills USA is to:

  • Unite in a common bond without regard to race, creed, sex, or national origin students and alumni enrolled in classes.
  • Provide leadership for the members.
  • Develop leadership abilities through participation in educational, vocational, civic, recreational and social activities.
  • Foster a deep respect for the DIGNITY OF WORK.
  • Help students in establishing realistic goals.
  • Create enthusiasm for learning.
  • Promote high standards in all phases of occupational endeavor, including ethics, workmanship, scholarship and safety.
  • Develop the ability of students to plan together, organize and carry out worthy activities and projects through the use of democratic process.
  • Create among students, faculty members, patrons of the school and persons in industry, a sincere interest in and esteem for Vocational, Technical and Adult Education.
  • Develop Patriotism through the practice of DEMOCRACY.
  • Emphasize the importance of continuous education consistent to the needs of the individual and the requirements of his/her occupation.


For more information please contact:
Tim Scmitz - 920.498.6849