Leadership in Action

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The purpose of Leadership in Action is to provide a structure and a forum to discuss plans and initiatives that come out of our Leadership Development Program.  Class projects usually utilize service learning and can engage in joint activities in the community with assorted non-profits where activities and events for fundraising are common.
The club will be a resource for networking, for resource development, and for linkages within and across the campus – connecting students and student teams with departments and individuals who can facilitate fundraising success, including Student Life, NWTC Security, NWTC Finance, the Leadership Development Team, Executive Leadership and more.  Also our club will have exposure through Student Senate to all other campus clubs, thereby linking Leadership in Action to all other clubs and to NWTC as a whole.
The club will also be the clearinghouse for local, regional, national and even international exposure to leadership training and conferences.  Officers or members may take advantage of leadership training by request and club approval.  Funds will be earmarked for professional development through the club.
It is our philosophy that Leadership is a process, not a position.  And the best way for leadership skills be developed and honed is to use them.  This club, our club, your Leadership in Action Club is that sort of opportunity.  All are welcome!


To be announced.


Dues are $10 a year.


Andrew Clark,


President - Lawton (Waylen) Choate,
Vice President - Wendy Harvey,
Secretary -Mandy Rozmiarek,
Treasurer - Erin Choate,
Student Senate Representative - Holly Walker,
Social Media Editor - Sandy Vang,
Special Events Coordinator - Erin Steier,
Special Events Coordinator - Suzanne Carrick,

Advisor - Andrew Clark,