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Gathering Feedback About Your Interview Style

It’s the interview that gets you the job. Will you make the cut?

Interviewing Criteria

Meets Criteria



Could be improved


Professional Appearance/Impression

  • Well groomed (showered, shaved, limited cologne/perfume)
  • Dressed Professionally (tailored suit, limited jewelry, polished shoes)
  • Arrives on time
  • Firm Handshake
  • Demonstrates poise and confidence
  • Conveys positive attitude
  • Prepared for Interview
  • Demonstrates knowledge of organization (products, services, mission, recent events)
  • Demonstrates knowledge of positions responsibilities and skill sought
  • Demonstrates knowledge of industry (trends, key issues, industry leaders)
  • Asks well-thought out questions that incorporate knowledge of company/position/industry

Communicates Clearly

  • Carefully listens to questions and asks for clarification if needed
  • Responds to questions effectively – thoroughly yet concise
  • Responds to questions intelligently, thoughtfully and appropriately
  • Little or no use of filler words such as “um”, “uh”, or “like”
  • Use of proper grammar
  • Good diction and voice quality; clearly understood
  • Clearly understood
  • Conveys enthusiasm
  • Maintains good eye contact

Articulates Strengths

  • Clearly articulates three or more strengths
  • Provides evidence of their strengths (how strengths were used in the past)
  • Conveys how strengths and past experiences will be valuable to the organization