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Academic Year: 2020-2021

Drone Technology Program Code 904871

This certificate is a 4-credit certificate designed to develop understanding of drone history, types of aircraft, various applications of drone use, legal matters, safe usage, and practical hands on flight experience.

Catalog No. Description
10-487-100 INTRO TO UAS ...research and analyze various and continually changing technology in the drone industry, and how the technology is used across different industries. Students will learn safe and legal operation principles, providing a foundation for hands-on application and flight of unmanned aircraft systems.
10-487-101 DRONE REGULATIONS ...a detailed look at the current and potential state of the UAS industry from a legal perspective. Students will review current and past FAA regulations as they pertain to lobbyists and commercial pilots.
10-487-102 DRONE APPLICATIONS & TECHNOLOGY ...detail the specifics of using a drone in various environments, how the mechanics of a drone work, sensors and image capture capabilities of different UAS, as well as practical, hands-on flight of UAS. Students will learn proper flight training from preparations, flight, to safe landing and recovery.
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Curriculum Note
It is recommended students take courses in the order in which they are listed.

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