Tips for Parents and Counselors

Here are some suggestions that may help you in supporting your student through the career development process.

Encourage students to take a Career Assessment.

The easiest way to do this is to contact Career Services – 920-498-6250.  Have your student come to the office to take their assessment.  This assessment will help them identify their interests and career goals.  Feel free to take the assessment with them. This may make for an interesting discussion with your student!

Understand the career decision-making process

Keep in mind that students differ widely in their readiness to make these decisions.  This can be an anxious and confusing time for them, but it can be an exciting and enjoyable experience as well. 

  • Be patient by giving them the time and space to better understand themselves. 

  • Be supportive by encouraging open discussion.  Ask questions to help them think through their decision, but don’t be too judgmental.

  • But be practical.  It can be helpful to have them set goals and create a timeline. Students need to be proactive and should be ready to invest careful thought and attention to this process.

Encourage your student to participate in an “Informational Interview” or “Job Shadowing” experience.

Students gather information about careers from a variety of sources, and television can be particularly influential in shaping perceptions.  Before committing to a career field, a student should talk to professionals in the field to gain a more well-rounded view of the profession, and perhaps more realistic expectations. 

Encourage your student to immerse themselves in the college experience

For example, students may want to consider joining a club or participating in intramurals. Or volunteering at a local elementary school.  Or studying abroad.  Many of these activities give them the opportunity to refine their skill sets, explore their interests, enhance their marketability to employers, and enrich their college experience.