High School Credit Transfer

Dual Credit Opportunities

Advanced Standing Courses are taught by high school teachers using high school curriculum determined to be a close match to an NWTC course. A student must earn a “B” or better to receive advanced standing. Advanced standing courses may earn a student the opportunity to skip an introductory level course in their program and advance to the next level. Advanced Standing agreements are transferrable to all schools within the Wisconsin Technical College System. Advanced Standing agreements are seldom accepted outside the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Transcribed Credit Courses are taught by high school teachers with Wisconsin Technical College System certification. NWTC curriculum and assessment methods are used. Student grades are posted to an official NWTC transcript. The grade a student receives in a transcribed course becomes part of the student’s official college record. Transcribed credit agreements are transferable to other Wisconsin technical colleges and may transfer to four-year universities.

Youth Options allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to take post-secondary (college-level) classes at NWTC.  You do not pay for these classes if your high school board determines the classes are not comparable to classes offered by the high school.  If approved by the high school board, the student will receive both high school and post-secondary credit for successfully completed classes.

Youth Apprenticeship: offers high school juniors and seniors to take occupational class work, and at the same time, practice skills and competencies learned on the job, with a mentor as an on-site teacher.  Students spend part of the day at their high schools completing required course work and have the potential of being placed at a jobsite related to their youth apprenticeship program area.  Students are paid for the time they spend on the job.  In addition, students attend an industry-related class offered at NWTC.  The Youth Apprenticeship Program is coordinated by different providers and its availability differs by school district.