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Industrial Maintenance Certificate

Program Code: 904621

Courses are designed for maintenance technicians providing skills and understanding of the preliminary fundamentals of PLC’s, motors and drives, pneumatics, hydraulics and mechanics.


Certificate Completers will be able to

Troubleshoot industrial machinery utilizing basic skills in PLC’s, drives, motors, hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanics.

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

• 106641, Automation Engineering Technology
106201, Electro Mechanical Technology
106621, Electrical Engineering Technology
104681, Utilities Engineering Technology
104821, Wind Energy Technology

Catalog No. Description
10-605-157 POWER ELECTRONICS 1: DEVICES ...the device characteristics and applications of thyristors, power transistors, and switching devices.
10-620-100 BASIC PNEUMATICS ...what fluid power is, differentiate between hydraulics and pneumatics, implement basic pneumatic circuits, utilize schematics, apply Pascal's law, define properties of fluids, implement air flow control and hydraulic cylinder circuits.
10-620-101 BASIC HYDRAULICS ...hydraulic pumps, basic hydraulic actuator circuits, hydraulic schematics, apply Pascal's law, summarize the effects of fluid friction, define properties of hydraulic energy, design hydraulic circuits with directional control valves.
10-620-105 RIGGING SYSTEMS 1 ...the basic skills of rigging, employment of hoists, slings, lifts, wire rope, and chain slings as part of rigging system.
10-620-121 BASIC MECHANICS 1 ...basic knowledge of steam safety, belts, chains, gears, bearing/lubrication, alignment, pumps and visual inspection to assist in reducing the occurrences of calling in maintenance off-shift.
10-620-122 MECHANICS 2: INTERMEDIATE ...mechanical drive system components related to multiple shaft drives, heavy-duty V-belt drives, synchronous belt drives, lubrication, and alignment. (Corequisite: 10-620-121, Mechanics 1: Basic)
10-620-140 MACHINE WIRING AND SAFETY ...introduction to machine wiring, including basic documentation, labeling, and wiring practices; an overview of NFPA 70 machinery, safety and installation standards.
10-620-161 POWER ELECTRICITY 1: MOTORS ...DC motors and generator configuration, shunt, compound, and permanent magnet DC motor performance and characteristics.
10-664-100 AUTOMATION 1: CONTROL LOGIC ...electric motor control components such as switches, relays, starters, transformers; and safely mount and install motor and motor control components and perform related wiring and troubleshooting of motor control circuits.
10-664-101 AUTOMATION 2: MOTOR CONTROL ...electric motor control components such as sensors, timers and counters. (Corequisite: 10-664-100, Automation 1: Control Logic)
10-664-102 CONTROLOGIX OVERVIEW ..Contrologix PLC, setup and programming RSLogix 5000 software, setup ControlNet communication, and change parameters of PowerFlex 700 drive.
10-664-103 AUTOMATION 4: PLC 2 OF 2 ...troubleshooting a PLC system, applying event sequencing, developing PLC applications, applying timer instructions and counter instructions.
10-664-104 AUTOMATION 5: PLC ...application, troubleshooting, and implementation of program control, math and data move instructions, analog I/O modules, and producing a PLC program from specification. (Corequisite: 10-664-103, Automation 4: PLC)
10-664-105 AUTOMATION 6: PLC ...programming a PLC system to operate a discrete and analog process adhering to a functional specification or timing diagram. (Corequisite: 10-664-104, Automation 5: PLC)
Certificate Total