Professional Sales Technical Diploma Technical Diploma

Program Code: 311048

Professional salespeople understand that approach strategies, determining needs, presenting solutions, negotiating concerns and closing the sale are all essential steps of the selling process. Additionally, adhering to the highest of ethical standards is an essential part of becoming a sales professional. Graduates with this technical diploma can work in the areas of business to business, business to consumer, or business to government sales. Grads can work as field sales representatives, sales support, and inside or outside sales people. Additionally, entrepreneurs who understand how to sell have a distinct advantage within their industry. All credits from this technical diploma may be applied to the Marketing-Professional Sales Emphasis associate degree.

Follow Your Path

Some credits from this technical diploma apply toward the following associate degree(s):
• Marketing, 101043
All credits from the following certificate(s) apply toward this technical diploma:
• Professional Sales, 9010412


Employment Potential

A graduate of this program will have the potential for employment in the following areas:

Professional Sales Representative: evaluates customer needs, determines solutions, creates and delivers sales presentations, overcomes objections and provides excellent customer service that builds long-lasting relationships.

Marketing Assistant: assists department head by performing similar duties; directs and coordinates department activities and functions in commercial, industrial, or service establishments; reviews and analyzes reports, records, and directives; confers with supervisory personnel; and performs administrative tasks such as pricing schedules.

Social Media Coordinator: develops, implements, and coordinates social media initiatives that align with a business or organization's marketing and promotional objectives.

Sales Promotion Coordinator: develops a calendar of promotional events, analyzes media utilization, reviews media rates and cost effectiveness, performs follow-up detail work on promotion implementation, coordinates internal communication, and develops internal promotional support material.

Market Research Assistant: researches market conditions to determine potential sales of products or service, examines and assists in analyzing data to determine marketing strategy related to marketing trends; prepares reports and graphic illustrations of findings.

Customer Service Representative: initiates follow-up work with current customers, processes and tracks customer orders, acts as an internal contact for customer inquiries as well as a liaison to field sales organizations, and uses telecommunications skills extensively.

Digital Marketing Specialist: develops, implements, coordinates, measures and evaluates digital marketing efforts.

With additional education and/or work experience, graduates may find other opportunities for employment.

• Business Owner
• Customer Service Manager
• Insurance or Financial Services Agent
• Marketing Director
• Promotions Manager
• Real Estate Agent
• Sales Manager
• Marketing Information Manager
• Social Media Manager
• Media Buyer


Requirements for Program Entry

• Completed application.
• High school transcript or equivalent. For a list of equivalents, go to
• Ability to use computer keyboard.
• Students should have mastered basic math skills (whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, measurements).
• To be admitted to this program, learners must achieve a prior cumulative high school or college grade point average of 2.6 or higher OR a satisfactory academic skills assessment score. College grade point average must be based on 15 credits or more. To learn more about starting this program, please contact an academic advisor at (920) 498-5444 or (888) 385-6982.

Program Availability

FULL TIMESummer 2018Fall 2018Spring 2019
Green Bay

Application Checklist

Students following the study plan below will complete the Professional Sales technical diploma in the number of semesters shown.
10-104-101 HANDLING OBJECTIONS ...consumer buying process, appropriate closing techniques, and proper follow up techniques used to ensure a quality, long-term relationship with your customers.
10-104-110 MARKETING PRINCIPLES management, market segmentation, market research, consumer behavior, product decisions and management of distribution, pricing, promotional decisions for strategy planning.
10-104-182 PERSONAL BRAND-DEVELOPMENT ...learn how personal branding allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition through appearance, personality, and marketing competency. (Corequisite: 10-890-101, College 101)
10-104-19 CUSTOMER SERVICE/BUSINESS COMMUNICATION ...importance of a customer, communicating with customers over the phone/e-mail, talking in layman's terms, use of face-to-face, effective meeting facilitation, being a good listener, etc.
10-890-101 COLLEGE 101 ...presents learners with exposure to the language of responsibility with an emphasis on two tracks-soft (employability) and learning skills to enhance lifelong learning in academic, career, and personal settings. Course curriculum provides application and reflection of On Course strategies and vocabulary emphasizing the value of a growth mindset. Students should take this course during the first semester of college.
10-104-124 MARKETING PRESENTATIONS ...learn how to create and deliver presentations that meet established objectives; and utilize current technology to enhance communications.
10-104-154 PROFESSIONAL SALES: EVOLUTION OF CONSULTATIVE SELLING ... an overview of the consultative selling process with focus on delivering value to customers through problem-solving and long-term relationships.
10-104-156 PROFESSIONAL SALES: STRATEGY AND PREPARATION ...prepare to sell with deep knowledge of the product, industry and competition.
10-104-189 SALES TRAINING ...develop approach strategies, understand your customers, build relationships, determine needs, handle objections, negotiate, close the sale, and set goals.
Curriculum Note
. The credit for 10-890-101, College 101 is an Institutional Requirement for graduation. Consequently, it is not part of the program requirements, but must be passed with a C or better.

Program Outcomes

• Evaluate customer needs.
• Determine appropriate product/service solutions.
• Create effective sales presentations.
• Uncover and handle objections.
• Develop closing strategies.
• Provide customer service to build long-lasting relationships.



• It is recommended that courses be taken in the order listed.