Health Care Leadership Certificate

Program Code: 901967

The Health Care Leadership Certificate is designed to prepare a person for a leadership role within health care settings. It includes learning the skills of supervision, team building and problem solving, leadership, and managing quality in a health care environment. All credits in this certificate may be applied toward the Leadership Development AAS.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Plan, organize, staff, lead and control a work environment
• Interact appropriately on a team
• Facilitate a problem solving team meeting
• Develop a flexible leadership style
• Coach the performance of others
• Use data analysis to identify opportunities to improve quality

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

• 101961, Leadership Development

Catalog No. Description
10-196-189 WORK TEAM/PERSONAL DEVELOP ...benefits/challenges of group work, necessary team roles, stages of team development, different approaches to problem solving, consensus, data aquisition, analysis, developing alternative solutions, implementation and evaluation.
10-196-190 MANAGEMENT TEAM SKILLS ...leadership/organization requirements, individual and group motivation, vision, mission, goals, ethical behavior, leadership style and adaptation, impacts of power and influence, employee development, coaching, managing change, and conflict resolution.
10-196-191 SUPERVISION ...communication, coaching for success, coaching for improvement, and managing performance problems.
10-196-192 LEAN OFFICE ...keys of lean application, effective lean tools, lean concepts, gain management support and eliminate waste in office systems and processes.
Certificate Total