Returning Adult Completes CNC Program, is Hired Full Time After Graduation

Robert Labs

Robert Labs

Machine Tool-CNC Technician grad
My life experiences revealed to me that I am fascinated by the art of turning raw metal into useful tools and objects. I found NWTC to be a great place to learn about machining. The class sizes are small enough to get a lot of personal instruction. The instructors all have years of experience in industry and are able to impart their knowledge to the students. And the machine shop has a great mix of manual machine tools and the latest technology to prepare us for whatever we might see if the field.
I am currently employed part time and have accepted a full time position with the company after graduation.
My advice to future NWTC students: Take full advantage of the opportunities that you will be given. You get out of the program what you put into it.
As a returning adult student, I would say the biggest obstacle to overcome would be paying for "life" while you are in school. Try to cut back on your expenses so you don’t have to work full time while you are in school. If you love the field that you are getting into, the learning part will come naturally to you. Also, don’t worry about being in class with a bunch of young folks. You will fit in just fine!

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